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Project Build

To build Code Runner .NET you need:

Currently I'm not using the Votive project type to support VS Express users. However you will have to manually install WiX to build the setup (see below). If you don't care about the setup, I suggest you just disable it.
Manually Configuring WiX
If you cannot install Votive for some reason, you will need to manually configure WiX to build the setup. Here we go:
  1. Grab the v3.0 WiX .zip file from
  2. Copy it to a directory, say %WixDir%.
  3. Create a directory %ProgramFiles%\MSBuild\Microsoft\WiX\v3.0\
  4. Copy wix.targets and WixTasks.dll from %WixDir% to the above directory
  5. If %CodeRunnerRoot% is the root of your CodeRunner sources, copy the files from the %CodeRunnerRoot%\EnvSetter directory to %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Environment Setter Add-in
  6. Go to Tools Options Add-in/Macros Security and add the ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Environment Setter Add-in to the list of Add-in File Paths
  7. Go to Tools Add-in Manager and enable the Environment Setter add-in.
  8. Make the file CodeRunner.environ writeable and change the definition of the $(wixdir) property to whatever %WixDir% is set to. If you've made it an actual environment variable, just use $(env.wixdir)

If you did it all correctly, you should now be able to build the setup project.
The Code Runner .NET project consists of the following source:
  • Csr. This is the program that compiles and runs your C# program
  • Scaffold. This program is used to construct Scaffolding around your script.
Every time a new version is released, I go through the following steps:
  • Create a label for the release of the form "CodeRunner-vM.m" from the root directory.
  • Branch the source to a directory with name of the new Major.minor version, e.g. 1.6
  • Check-in the branched files.
  • Run "Scripts\UpdateVersion.csr" to go through all the files and change the version numbers.
  • Do a quick findstr -snip -c:M.m . to make sure that all version numbers are being updated.
  • Check-in the files with the updated versions.

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